Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hello! And welcome to Outcast Kingdom: Lore and More!
Here, I will try to provide some of the background information that I can't fit into the comic without throwing you headlong into a wall of text far too large for a webcomic. But perhaps not to large for a blog post.

Some info I may put here would include:
 - Information about the Monster World and the various lands therein
 - Information and background on the various races and species that inhabit that world
 - The creative process behind this story, the world it takes place in, and what monsters will or will not appear in it (and why)
 - Maybe some concept art if I ever get around to it
 - A's for whatever Q's you may have for me that I can be bothered to answer. Just kidding! I will try to answer whatever questions I can, if I can do so without spoiling upcoming plot lines.
 - And so on and so forth.
Feel free to recommend a topic you'd like to know about.

Things may start off slow, this being a new comic and all. If so, I'll just start things off myself.

Questions can be asked here at the blog, at the main page at Tapastic (, on my Deviant Art page (, on tumblr (, or twitter (

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to ask.
I mean, if it's in some way relevant. Don't ask me what topping I'd recommend for your ice cream, or whatever. Well, I guess you could if it really matters all that much (cinnamon, peanut butter, or both, for your information), but I also really do want to answer any questions about Outcast Kingdom you might have.